Posted by: immaia410 | July 3, 2009

it started alredi!!

cuti musim salju winter versi 2009 dah bermula! officially ahad sbnarya but mine started at 10:30am today! urmm its now 1:19am. ok, yesterday actually. looking forward for it. searching for sumthing different this year.

what i have accomplished so far?

  1. bought some souvenire for adik N n family,
  2. gift for abah n ibu,
  3. shopping for tomorrow’s journey with Ateh NInA n Jacky
  4. went to Greenacres library for hall klemzig [bc: dewan klemzig] key
  5. jalan2 dgn kak SJ
  6. pikup kak Dz for Dairy Bell ice cream…yummmm!!
  7. ooopss, one step back, Visit adik2 kesygan yg blum abis ppr. ALL THE BEST deary A.T.I.
  8. another 2 adik2 kesygan join up kat dairy bell
  9. cookies and cream. kak Dz's choice

    cookies and cream. kak Dz's choice

  10. continue journey to rumah ummi kesayangan! gathering adik beradik lions mlm td. melepas rindu!! my ex-mummy pon ade la…so sweeeet!! n best! ade udang, ayam percik, n delicious creme caramello yummm!
  11. last but not least, BLOGGING! entry of the beginning

okie then. i think enuf for now. need rest. tomorrow=abrar’s quality together time.

-tenQ for ur reading time-



  1. ” ex-mummy pon ade la…”

    this ex-mummy ade ke..? sobsobs..


  2. adkh sy t’masuk dlm adk2 ksygn akak???
    1st time jumpe blog akak…muahahaha

    • uhuk2..
      no matter what..our ukhuwwah ilallah will always be in my heart >:D<
      kalau awk rs syg kat akk tu kire termasuk la tuee

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